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The Best Sintra Tour

Sintra is a fascinating destination often interpreted by many as a fairytale, with its mighty mountains, luscious forests thick with ferns, colourful gardens and eye-catching palaces, it will make you believe you’re in a Disney movie. This little town so charming and so picture perfect it is the true gem of Portugal.

Luckily enough, Destination Hostels have what it takes to make your trip there unforgettable with it’s Sintra tour, designed just for you! Prepare yourself for a variety of historic monuments, beautiful natural scenery and endless amounts of Portuguese charm during this fascinating Sintra tour. We are guessing you don’t want to skip one of Portugal’s most mystical places! Our Sintra tour will not only take you to this unique atmosphere but will walk you through the cute village and will give the opportunity to visit Sintra’s most unique gardens – our treat! – called Quinta da Regaleira. After this, we will make a stop by the westernmost point of continental Europe, to watch the breathtaking view from the Cabo da Roca cliffs while eating lunch. During our Sintra tour will also give you the opportunity to make acquaintance with Estoril and Cascais, other beaches by the western coastline and picturesque villages on the way back! Make sure to book now.