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Pirates and Corsairs in Porto Santo

Porto Santo, Portugal
 «Why join the navy, if you can be a pirate?»  Steve Jobs dixit

Come on board of our (not so) modern pirate van, for a different look over the Island.

Did you know that Porto Santo suffer until XX century from Pirates & Corsair attacks? That local woman were kidnapped and returned next season already pregnant. That hunger was major problem until mid XX century?

There is more to see and know, that just going around the Island. Our tour, shows the evidences, and makes an historic approach of this (dark) period that everyone wants to forget. From the young lady jumping from the top of rocky mountain to run from being capture, to the defenses and hide underground systems build by the locals to escape and protect goods, there is a good amount of tales and facts, that even Google didn’t put together in one search. All of this while navigating through the most wanted places to visit in all 4 cardinal directions. Although the facts are sad and tell about difficult times of Porto Santo, the tour have a positive and fun approach.

Tour includes

  • Pick up and drop where you choose
  • 4 hours tour in all 4 cornes of the island
  • Private Van with guide
  • History and tales about this period of time
  • Water and salt cookies and other snacks


35€ per person



  • Every day
  • At high tide for better “sailing”

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