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Pego das Pias, Odemira, Portugal

Follow us off the beaten track through the rural lanscape of Alentejo. Set off on an adventure in our van through the winding roads leading up to the secret spot Pego das Pias.
Discover a picturesque place in the middle of the woods where the river flows quietly between the trees and limestone gullies. Use our paddle board to explore the river, then jump, swim, take a walk through nature or just relax faw away from the crowded beaches.

Pego das Pias Tour includes

  • lunch in a bag (sandwich, apple, water, cereal bar)
  • paddle board
  • transportation
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen


The price varies according to the number of participants in the tour. To book the tour you will pay a deposit of 25€ and the remaining amount will be charged at the beginning of the tour.

1 person – 35 €
2 persons – 29,9 €
3 persons – 29 €
4 persons – 28 €
5 persons – 27 €
6 persons – 26 €
7 persons – 25 €


  • leave the hostel at 10am
  • arrive at Pego das Pias at 11 am
  • leave from Pego das Pias at 2 pm
  • return to the hostel at 3 pm

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