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Alfama, Portugal
Music so full that it cannot be streamed

You can’t Shazam this kind of stuff and you can’t leave Lisbon without experiencing it: Fado.
And I say experiencing because Fado is a music you feel with your heart and soul — not something you
find in a Spotify’s playlist. Fado is considered a UNESCO World Heritage and it was born on the streets of
Alfama. It is characterized by the Portuguese word Saudade a feeling of loss, melancholy and longing for
something that almost was but never could be. It will pull at your heart strings, just like the musicians
pull at the 12 strings of the Portuguese guitar.

Tour includes

  • Duration: Evening (3/4 hours)
  • Typical portuguese meal, serve in our Alfama Pátio Hostel for a chance to get to know the other guests
  • A walk through the neighborhood
  • Explanation about Fado
  • Drink and petiscos (portuguese finger food) at the Fado house, where intermittent sets are played


35€ per person


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8.30pm in Alfama Pátio hostel, or 8pm at the other two meeting points-

Meeting Point

Alfama Pátio Hostel, or at the receptions of Lisbon Destination Hostel, Sunset Destination Hostel, from where you will be walked to Alfama Pátio Hostel.

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