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The Best Lisbon Tour.

Lisbon Destination Tours offers Lisbon tours, that do not compare to any other in the city. We will show you the best things to do and everything that you need to know about the city that we so dearly love. With us, you’ll be able to discover what you won’t find in guidebooks, the true local experience. Up and down Lisbon, through the forest, along the coast, in a bar or the city center, join us on one of our Lisbon tours and you’ll get to know the city of Lisbon in a fun and exciting way.

It’s up to you to choose: our day-time Lisbon tours go from alternative getaways through the most unknown places of the city with our Street Art Tour to living a fairytale day on our Sintra Tour to discovering the most unknown beaches on our Wild Beach tours and much more. As for our evening tours, enjoy an incredible performance on our traditional Fado tour, taste some of the most surprising dishes in portuguese cuisine on our Brave Foodies tour and make new friends for life on our nightly Pubcrawls. If you are looking for adventure, tasting great food, living the local’s way or even run all the bars in town this is the way to go. Experience life like never before with our Lisbon tours!