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The Best Hostels in Portugal Here

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Smart travellers looking for hostels in Portugal always take in consideration the Destination Hostels chain, like Sunset Destination Hostel or Lisbon Destination Hostel both in Lisbon.

Get the fastest wi-fi for free, free breakfast, free walking tours, free cinema room, free rooftop pool access, free nightly events with DJs and more activities.

Staying in these amazing hostels in Portugal, either Lisbon Destination Hostel or Sunset Destination Hostel, also means very affordable city tours, cheaper than anywhere else in Lisbon!

Portugal is still an affordable destination, and its capital city Lisbon is its main destination. It is normally the starting & ending point of any trip to Portugal. If you are either visiting fairytale Sintra, surfing on western Portuguese wild waves, tasting wine from Porto wineries, enjoying the Algarve beaches or the well kept portuguese interior, these hostels in Portugal such as the Destination Hostels chain offers an enormous variety of various budget-friendly tips, that surely will make your trip unforgettable.

Aside from being some of the best hostels in Portugal, Lisbon Destination Hostel and Sunset Destination Hostel, have the most perfect central location, inside real national monuments,  the exclusive access to a rooftop pool & terrace, giving you an experience like no other.

sunrise on Vasco da Gama bridge