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Looking for a real experience in Lisbon or being more than just another tourist? Get promoted as a traveller within Destination Hostels in one of best options for hostels in Lisbon. Get fun free activities, free breakfast, free walking tours, free cinema room, free rooftop pool access and free nightly events with DJs.

Staying in one of these unbelievable hostels in Lisbon, such as the Lisbon Destination Hostel or Sunset Destination Hostel, also means very affordable city tours, cheaper than anywhere else in Lisbon! Great BBQs on the rooftop terrace and even traditional portuguese dinners!

Lisbon probably is (or definitely IS) the most affordable capital city in Western Europe. Not only will you find such great hostels in Lisbon such as the Destination Hostels but as well as an enormous variety of various budget-friendly / insider local tips, that surely make your trip unforgettable.

Visit the most amazing viewpoints of Lisbon, make a short cruise on the Tagus river for less than 2€, skip the lines for the famous Lisbon funiculars and hear the local secrets about how to use tram 28 at fraction of its cost. Aside from being a chain of hostels in Lisbon with such a incredible reputation, it also incorporates many aspects that help any backpacker out there.