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Several times, travelers miss out on the true identity of a country because they offer mainly comes from the capital cities, and moving around to get pictures in areas that can get expensive and not very practical. Anywhere Destination Nomad Hostel is a different approach to Hostels and traveling, with a new perspective for visiting more than the tourist sites.



Showers & Toilets



The Concept Is Simple

Brings wheels, accommodation, food, activities and fun compacted into a convoy of Caravans, led by someone who knows the area and has the resources to provide with a great experience and make sure the guests maximize the traveling game. All of that without losing the comeliness of the migration and the adventure that comes with driving slowly and stopping when the groups feels like. We try to make it again more about the journey than the destination.


For every 4 guests we will need a driver, older than 21 years with a Driving Licence for more than 3 years

Anywhere Destination Nomad Hostel is not a typical Rent-a-Caravan Service, but is, instead, a Hostel that happens to be on the move, around the country where you will get to interact with other guests and staff.

It includes:

  • Breakfast;
  • Drinks;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Staff;
  • Access to various activities.

Disconnect Southwest

With the itinerary Disconnect Southwest it will take us 3 days to arrive at Sagres and 2 more days coming back up to Lisboa, stopping in:

Day 1 - (Lisbon) Sines and Vila Nova de Milfontes
Day 2 - Vila Nova de Milfontes and Arrifana
Day 3 - Arrifana and Sagres
Day 4 - Sagres, Odeceixe and Porto Côvo
Day 5 - Porto Côvo (Lisbon)

This is just one of our possible itineraries we have created just for you! If you have other destination in mind that you rather travel to, let us know and we will adapt to the desires of the group!


Phone: +351 962 846 867