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Destination Hostels' History
Destination Hostels started on mid-November 2007, with two friends who shared the same joy of traveling. Both had seen a bit of the world. By opening a hostel (Alfama Patio Hostel to start with), they could somehow keep traveling through their own guests. At that time, they were one of the first 10 hostels in entire Lisbon!
Our hostels are a fusion between a Boutique Hotel, a Chic Hostel and a “Summer Camp”. We are delivering a true insider experience to our guests to make them feel at home and comfortable with us and within the community in order to give them the opportunity to make new friends and connections easily.
Nowadays, Destination Hostels is proud to have 3 different properties in Lisbon (Lisbon Destination Hostel, Sunset Destination Hostel, Alfama Patio Hostel) and one in Algarve region ( Hi Arrifana Destination Hostel), a Tour company ( Lisbon Destination Tours) as well as a new concept of Caravan Hostel (Anywhere Destination Nomad Hostel).
Our First 10 years


Opening of the first hostel, Alfama Patio Hostel


Alfama Patio Hostel was recognized worldwide as Second Best Hostel for group accommodation.


Opening of the second hostel, Lisbon Destination Hostel, with 90 beds. The company made a huge step forward and surprised the world by opening the first hostel inside a train station.


Opening of the third hostel in Lisbon, once again in a train station, Sunset Destination Hostel, with 75 beds.


Lisbon Destination Hostel is recognized by Yahoo Travel as one of the 10 Best Design Hostels in the world, and almost immediately by British Times , as one of the 10 Best Hostels in the world.

In the same year, Hostelbookers considered Lisbon Destination Hostel the 2nd Best Hostel of western Europe.

Same year, the tour company Lisbon Destination Tours was created to help and promote activities for hostel guests but also for outsiders.


Lisbon Destination Hostel entered in top 10 of the world by Hostelworld, and never left since then.


Sunset Destination Hostel, joins Lisbon Destination Hostel in Hostelworld top 10 of the world.


The company won a public contest to explore a Hi Portugal branded hostel in a beach/surf location. Opening of Hi Arrifana Destination Hostel.


Launch of the new concept Anywhere Nomad Destination Hostel, a convoy of Camper Vans moving together along Portugal, leaded by a staff member and exploring certain concept and thematic routes.  
We like to think that our hostels are different between them, with their own character and personality, targeting different kinds of guests. Never-the-less, there is a common philosophy that they share, which is to be your friend’s house in town.
So, what is a friend house in our terms? We want our guests to feel welcome and comfortable. At Destination Hostels, each person is treated with consideration. Our staff delivers more than a service, they are here to give advise, to make friendships and much more than one can get in a traditional hosteling business. It is primordial that the travelers who are visiting us are feeling part of the community, our community, the rich and multicultural Destination Hostel Family.
Our Mission
Destination Hostels aim to become an International chain and brand to become a world leader (in quality) for the sector.
Our mission is to speed towards a revolution in the accommodation market by changing the perception of quality Hostels to an outstanding social experience. We want to bring new clients to this sector, clients that otherwise would have never stayed in a hostel.
More than ever, we want to ensure both accommodation and social experience in a unique interior design, singular location always at a low price, where young minded guests can feel that they got more than they paid for.
1-To promote a responsible and ethic business model by balancing sustainability and the benefits to community.
2-To leave more and for longer than we inherit for the next owners/managers.
3- To make sure quality of service to guest comes first than profitability in a sustainable way (never to achieve it at cost of losing money).
4- To warranty a safe investment, middle and long term to the stockholders at low risk.