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A real-time Pinterest gallery of the best art in Lisbon Lisboa, Portugal
A real-time Pinterest gallery of the best art in Lisbon

Drive with us around the city of Lisbon’s boundaries for a type of Tour we guarantee you never experienced before. The Street Art Tour will take you to an alternative getaway through the most unknown places of the city!
This Tour was created for offline explorers, those who want to live an exciting and underground experience through art. Create new boards and pin the best pictures of the renowned Vhils (Portuguese artist known for creating portraits chiseled into plaster and brick walls), capture the best clichés of famous international and local street artists. Show your friends that getting around a roofless museum is out of the ordinary!

Here in Portugal, the Street Art community has spread more than just on the walls of the city. During our 3 hours session, you will search for more than just drawings…You will be driven by the inside world of Street Art, a social movement that brought awareness to local neighborhoods that were formerly segregated.

For cutting-edge street art, head to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. From derelict buildings to art galleries, new graffiti is appearing every day(…). Graffiti is either the scourge of the city or part of what makes it unique, depending on your viewpoint ” . The Guardian

Tour includes

Stories about the paintings and the artists
A van decorated by a street artist
Duration: Half day (3 hours)


30 € per person


Currently running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am, and weekends at 2.30pm

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